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Welcome! My name is Sabba, otherwise known as AskMsQ.  

My mission is to help empower people to become creative problem solvers. Everyday I meet people who are both fascinated and overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change and concerned about how to leverage the technology around them.  

Today, as Director of Innovative Learning at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (Family Medicine Department) I work with faculty and students. I'm working with faculty to redefine what learning looks like when teaching in a world that extends beyond the four walls of your classroom.  Moreover, I'm also working with students to use digital tools to work smarter not harder and how to build digital portfolios and leverage social media to pursue their passion.  Read More →

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Each course comes with a complimentary eBook, inclusive of video tutorials and resource guides so you can refer back to refresh what you've learned at any time. All participants can sign up for a complimentary 1 hour online session after the workshop to answer questions or review any concepts covered. 




In today’s rapidly changing world, there is no shortage of challenges to address.  From our workplaces to the world, addressing these challenges requires us to master the art of complex problem solving. Design Thinking is an approach to problem solving through which you gain valuable insights that lead to innovative solutions for your organization. 


As an admissions officer or potential employer, if I was to Google you what would I find? Create and share the story of YOU through a digital portfolio and learn how to create and leverage a professional learning network.  So whether someone meets you in person or searches you virtually, create an online presence that allows you to put your best foot forward.

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Communication is an art and what you say is just as important as how you say it.  Mike Summers, Vice President for Global Talent Management at Dell Computers, recently said, “We are routinely surprised at the difficulty some young people have in communicating. In this workshop learn how to effectively articulate your ideas and arguments that captivate an audience. 

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AskMsQ About Speaking

I have had the honor of working with schools and organizations in many places around the world through conferences, keynoting, providing workshops, and consulting.  

Popular Topics Include:

  • Find and Be Found: Creating Digital Portfolios
  • From Direct Instruction to Design Thinking
  • Are Your Indispensable? A Design Thinking Approach to Education
  • Reimagine Higher Education
  • A Design Thinking Approach to Working with Millennials
  • Using Social Media to Tell Your Story 
  • Teaching for Decades to Come
  • The iPad Classroom

Have another topic in mind, contact me today to design a customized workshop for your group. 

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