3 Reasons to Transition from PowerPoint to Keynote

Presentations are often delivered to inspire a call to action.  Whether you are a trying to secure a new deal, or trying to engage a room of students, every great presentation has a clear message that should be unveiled in a way that is visually appealing.  At its heart, design is a language.  If you can speak this language in a way that inspires, your audience will feel empowered to take action.  


For the vast majority who spent years learning PowerPoint and now have all their presentations created and ready to be delivered, the idea of changing to another platform can seem daunting.  However, it’s 2016 and we live in a world where digital tools have democratized graphic design.  I think we can all agree, that never ending bullet points filled with Times New Roman font, in a size many in the room can barely read, has never inspired anyone to take action.

I’m often surprised by how many people have never opened the iWork Suite apps on their iOS devices.  The iWorks Suite consists of Pages, Keynote and Numbers, the Microsoft equivalent of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, respectively.  If you are a PC user, don’t stop reading just yet because you can access all these features from your PC, using iCloud.com.

Here are three reasons why you should consider trying Keynote for your next presentation.

Awaken Your Inner Creativity

I believe certain digital tools can spark a creative side of us that we often didn’t know existed.  When I sit down to work on presentations with people, many believe that presentations with good design require graphic designers, in other words, they don’t believe they are creative enough to design great presentations.  I don’t believe anything could be further than the truth.  

A quick glance below at the difference between a Keynote and PowerPoint template will immediately allow you to recognize why one awakens the creativity within you, allowing you to stand out from everyone else, and the other… well… you decide.

With the wide variety of templates, available, you can customize your presentations to create an impactful experience for your viewers, that won’t look like all the other ones they’ve had to sit through.  For those of you who like to work with images and video you will find Keynote to be very media friendly.  I’ve always found downloading YouTube videos and inserting them into PPT to be quite frustrating, however with a quick conversion using ClipConverter, videos are ready to be inserted into Keynote and I can easily trim them down to the parts I want to show.

Access Your Presentation. Anytime, Anywhere

I’m willing to bet that most of you are reading this on iOS device, meaning your iPad or iPhone.  We are on them all the time and enjoy the flexibility they provide.  Ideas can come to us at any time and using iCloud you can sync your presentations across all your devices. So if you have PC, but also use an iPhone you can use iCloud to seamlessly work across devices.  If you are Mac user and have an iOS device, same goes for you.  So whether you want to make a quick change, share your presentation to get some feedback, or you just want to rehearse using your slides, you can access your presentation, anytime, anywhere.  


It’s Free!

Unlike the Microsoft Office Suite that requires a subscription, Keynote, Pages and Numbers are free on your Mac and iOS devices.* For PC users, you can access it for free as well using iCloud.com.


If you are ready to try your hand at creating your first Keynote presentation, here’s a tutorial to get you started.   Also don’t forget to check out the wonderful Apple Starter Guide for Keynote, that help you create a presentation from start to finish.  


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