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I'm often asked what my day looks like as Director of Innovative Learning at the Keck USC PA program. Sometimes it's hard to describe, as it changes so much.  Often times I'll walk in thinking my day is going to be x and it will end up being y.  Today was one of those days and thanks to Snapchat Im going to share a small part of it with you. 

I've been talking about Snapchat for quite some time now.  What I particularly enjoy is the ability to create a story.  A big part of the appeal is also being challenged in how I tell it. How I use drawings, text, media and filters to engage my audience.  

I'm still learning and that is part of the fun. Each day is a new experiment, a new idea, a new journey and above all a chance to share the exciting work that I do and the people who I work with. 

Perhaps what I love most about Snapchat it's letting me connect and meet with people outside of the Twitter EdTech silo that I often find myself in.  Don't get me wrong I love all the chats and people that I learn and share with.  

However, sometimes I wish we could engage people beyond those who are already part of the field.  Engage friends, parents, students and other community members and give them some insight into what we do and more importantly why we do it. 

If you enjoy the story, join me on Snapchat where Id love to connect with you and learn about all the amazing things you are doing. My username is AskMsQ but you can save my snap code image and let snapchat do the heavy lifting.  

Never heard of Snapchat before and have no idea what I am talking about? Check out The Complete Guide to Snapchat by A.J. Juliani.  

Happy Snapping!

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