Snapchat Story: Why Digital Portfolio

In this Snapchat story, I visit with a Junior at Troy High School.  This passionate young man scored a 2340 on his SAT and knows that numbers are not enough to succeed in the today's world.  I've often talked about whether we are creating students who will apply for jobs or students who will create their own.

When I say "create their own" it does not necessarily mean that they must become an entrepreneur. These students who will create their own jobs are those who are creative problem solvers.  Those who are able to build professional learning networks and seek out opportunities, companies and people who they are interested in working with.  

In an era where employers admissions officers are turning to Google to search applicants, put your best foot forward online and offline with a digital portfolio that highlights your accomplishments and abilities.  

By the time every student graduates they should have two things:

  • a digital portfolio
  • a professional learning network

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