Getting Started with Snapchat - Part One

Often times when a new app comes along there are two common reactions in education:

  1. How can we use this with students?
  2. How will this tool transform learning?

After exploring Snapchat, I found myself asking two different questions:

  1. How can I as an educator use this app?
  2. How does this app fit in relationship to my current social media ecosystem?

I don't think that every new tool or app that comes along has to always be used with students, but I do think it is important to understand, follow and examine current trends.  In the case of snapchat we're looking at communication, storytelling and relationship building. 

I don't see myself using this with students, but I do think having conversations about how it can be used are important. What I am more interested in is the opportunity for educators to share the story of how teaching and learning is evolving in the digital age.  

Yesterday I shared how if you have a following on Snapchat, it's an intentional choice that someone has made.  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow us to post content, however people view it in a feed alongside thousands of other posts.  Snapchat gives you an opportunity to share your content with context, uninterrupted in a multimedia format people enjoy. 

Yesterday Alex Khan shared a snap saying there are three ways to use social media - educate, inspire and entertain.  No matter which of these you choose to do, Snapchat offers a platform that stands to democratize storytelling through the one factor that time and time again proves to be a winner - authenticity. 

The video above, is part one of two in how to get started with Snapchat.  As you get started join me on Snapchat - AskMsQ and I'll help answer any questions you have along the way. 

To get you started and to see what possibilities exist here are some of my favorite Snapchat storytellers. I've included their usernames so that you can easily search and add them.  

  • DJ Khaled - @djkhaled305
  • Brian Fanzo - isocialfanz
  • Shonduras - @shonduras
  • Ann Kozma - @annkozma723
  • Maria Galanis - @mariajuly21
  • Mike Saracini - @inoutthinkers
  • Craig Badura - @mrbadtechgolf
  • David Holzmer - @davidholzmer
  • Julie Jacobs- @ehsmrsj
  • Billy Corcoran - @wjcfifth
  • Dan & Moore - @danandmoore
  • Gary Vaynerchuk - @garyvee
  • Dana Garrison - @danagarrison
  • Ai Zhang - @aiaddysonzhang
  • LACMA - @lacma
  • Jill Rettberg - @jilltxt
  • Mia Voss - @miavossonthego
  • Jody Green - @peerlessgreen
  • Bill Selak - @billselak
  • Joe Young - @ucdgrad
  • Alex Khan - @alexkhan1

Who do you like to follow on Snapchat?