Take your first step in design thinking with The Extraordinaires'

"When we begin with empathy what we think is challenged by what we learn." - AskMsQ

This past summer, I lead a workshop on Design Thinking and Maker Spaces in Palo Alto.  Part of the workshop was taking participants on a field trip to the Stanford d.School.  While on the tour, I heard the most profound statement, "don't focus on creating innovatION, focus on creating innovatORS."

Innovators are those who are able to identify the needs and desires of people, often times before people even recognize what these are themselves.  They are able to design solutions to problems, they are pattern recognizers, they are meaning makers.  Above all at their core, innovators are empathizers. 

Design thinking is the closest framework I've come across to help individuals develop the skills needed to ride the waves of change in changing times.  Too often these types of activities are reserved for students in extra curricular classes such as coding and robotics.  

Taking the first step with anything new can always be daunting.  Having to take this first step while leading a group of others is daunting on a different level. In this video I share strategies for how we can bring the design thinking process into our schools, workplaces and homes using the Extraordinaire Design Studio. Let's give all individuals an opportunity to develop their problem finding and problem seeking skills.