Twitter Chats: Your Guide to Getting Started

Great! So you are on Twitter!

Now what?

How do you create value, build community and establish yourself as an authority?  

One way to do so are Twitter Chats. These can often seem daunting and fast paced, however with a few tips and tricks you'll be participating in one, maybe even two or three twitter chats at a time.  Here's five reasons you participating in Twitter chats can be beneficial:

  1. Expand your learning network, customer base or general audience
  2. Establish yourself as an authority on a topic. Once you become a regular in a Twitter chat, you may be invited to be a guest moderator. 
  3. Stay informed with events, news and trends in your field
  4. Share your work.  At its heart, Twitter is a  microblogging platform, so if someone is looking for an answer to a question, or needs a resource and you have one, this can be a great time to share. 
  5. Become more clear and concise. With a 140 character limit, it can be hard to communicate what your thoughts, this is a great time to practice become really clear and concise about the idea you want to share which will help you later on when communicating face to face. 

If you are ready to take your Twitter game to a new level, tune into today's episode of Summer Social where I take you on an in depth tour of everything you need to know about participating in a Twitter chat. 


As I always like to remind myself, the best way to be give back to a community is by being a part of it, and Twitter chats are a great way to establish and strengthen your relationships with your online community. 

My top three twitter chats are #whatisschool, #CAedchat and #1to1techat.  

Below you will find a list of resources that will direct you to Twitter chats based on your profession. Enjoy!


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