If I Google You: Creating and Managing Your Digital Portfolio (1 day workshop)

In this hands on workshop you'll learn how to: 

  • discover what tools you can use to create a digital portfolio
  • write a compelling "About Me" summary
  • take a professional photo to use as a profile picture
  • how to write about your work/volunteer experiences in a story like format
  • learn a core set of multimedia tools that will help you showcase your work in different formats
  • create a resume that doesn't look like everyone else's Microsoft Word template
  • develop a professional learning network with people in your area of interests
  • how to ask for and post recommendations online 


As an admissions officer or potential employer, if I was to Google you what would I find?  In an era where Google is the new resume how do you create a compelling and representative story that tells your journey and highlights your accomplishments?  Competition is fierce today with almost all students having high GPAs and strong test scores and digital portfolios create an opportunity to share your unique story beyond the numbers that traditionally define you.  

When submitting a resume, how many times have you wished that you could show more of who you are and demonstrate the full impact of your experiences?  Today we have the opportunity to share beyond the confine of an 8.5 x 11 sheet and create a portfolio that reflects and shares our accomplishments. Create and share the story of YOU through a digital portfolio and learn how to create and leverage a professional learning network.  So whether someone meets you in person or searches you virtually create an online presence that allows you to have your best foot forward.

This is hands on experience and designed so that each student will have a complete portfolio by the time they leave the workshop.

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*Limited to 20 participants for a quality learning experience.
*Limited to 20 Participants for a quality learning experience