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Find and Be Found

In today’s competitive environment of college admissions and employment opportunities, many students feel as though they have to settle for what professional opportunities may come their way.  By creating a digital portfolio and a professional learning network, students can build a platform that shines a spotlight on who they are beyond the traditional measurements often used to categorize them. No longer should students be limited to the options on a job board. Instead, they should be empowered to create a presence that allows them to find and be found.  This session will explore strategies, tools and best practices for scaffolding the portfolio process and helping students transition from documenting their learning to building their professional identity.  By engaging in interactive activities, participants will identify how to integrate digital portfolios into their teaching so students can curate learning artifacts as evidence of their learning to reflect on what, how, and why they learned and identify what as well as how to share their work with a global audience.